Thursday, August 25, 2016

FLARE On 2015 - Challenge 2


This is the 2nd challenge from FireEye's 2015 "FLARE On" challenge (


The first thing to notice about this one is how similar it looks to the last challenge.

Although this time, instead of a simple XOR loop, it looks like we're calling sub_401084 to decide if "You are success" or if "You are failure":

Let's take a closer look at that subroutine:

While it looks like there are some weird instructions used in there, it does look rather small and hopefully we can replicate the logic in a separate Python script.

After writing this out by hand on a piece of paper, reducing & rewriting it a few times, I came up with something along the lines of this:

def rol(byte, count): 
    byte = (byte << count | byte >> (8 - count)) & 0xFF 
    return byte 

data = '\xAF\xAA\xAD\xEB\xAE\xAA\xEC\xA4\xBA\xAF\xAE\xAA\x8A\xC0\xA7\xB0\xBC\x9A\xBA\xA5\xA5\xBA\xAF\xB8\x9D\xB8\xF9\xAE\x9D\xAB\xB4\xBC\xB6\xB3\x90\x9A\xA8'[::-1]

AH = AL = AX = BX = DX = 0 
result = '' 

for c in data: 
    AH = rol(1, DX) 
    AL = (ord(c) - AH - 1) ^ 0xC7 
    BX += ord(c)
    DX = BX & 3 
    result += chr(AL)


Running this across the data stored in memory gives you something like this:

Woo hoo!

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